Postured Toward Provision

I really enjoy running.  In fact, I can tell you honestly that I have never–not even once–regretted a run I have taken!  For the past year or so, after running I complete a series of yoga poses which stretch out my lower back and hips.  The last pose is one for relaxation and it is called the “dead man’s pose.”  (Inclusive language=dead person’s pose.)

I hold the pose for around 2 minutes, and I’m sure I look somewhat like a person who has dropped dead in a really comfy position.  (In fact, when my roommate walks into the room, I generally warn her by saying “Dead man’s pose,” so she doesn’t think I have literally dropped into a dead person’s posture just after my jog.)  The position–imagine with me–involves laying on you back, arms beside your body and palms facing upward.  Tension in the legs dissipates and therefore the ankles turn out a bit.  As I understand it, one’s goal is to get the body to be totally relaxed and open.

Often during dead person’s pose, because my physical body feels open, vulnerable and receptive, I begin to imagine my spirit postured similarly.  My hands facing upward, remind me that God can and often does provide.  Then, I pray that God would provide.  Sometimes I pray for specific concerns, and sometimes I pray more generally, acknowledging that God’s knows my needs better that I do.  In these precious 2 minutes after a run, when I strike the person’s pose, I posture myself toward God’s provision.  My anxiety about providing all my own needs is put to rest and I being to trust in the Lord for that day.

I admit, do not know what to say about God’s provision in light of the reality of some people in the world who are literally starving, their needs unmet… apparently unprovided for.  But, thinking about myself being provided for in the modest ways that I have been, I guess it isn’t so far of a stretch to think about God using me to help provide for others.  Maybe I will begin including that in my prayer for provision, and afterwards, then, take on a new posture toward service.


2 Responses to “Postured Toward Provision”

  1. …beautifully done.
    Congratulations on an excellent first post.

  2. Paul Alexander Says:

    love it, thanks for sharing

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