Lenten Journey

Every Sunday, some of my dearest friends and I gather for a potluck meal and fellowship. During Lent, we decided to be more intentional about spiritual reflection and prayer. So, I volunteered to lead the first devotional time. This is a small poem I wrote for those sacred moments.

Desert Paths

This is a season of the nomad
the pilgrim
the wayfarer
the stranger

A season of the journeyer

We journey inward

In contrition and mourning we reflect on our sins

With ashen foreheads we come sober to greet mortality

We move into and through dry deserts, barren wilderness and dark valleys

We cry–we call out and only hear our echo

We doubt the Presence dwelling with us

Sinai Wilderness

pitching a tent beside us

well in the desert; light in the valley

cloud by day; fire by night

We journey accompanied

As we journey inward

Pilgrims. Strangers. Wayfarers. Nomads


One Response to “Lenten Journey”

  1. joshuawalters Says:

    lovely poem, heather. i really like the imagery of the Presence…

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