Life Should be Celebrated

Life should be celebrated.  That’s why my friend, David, received a decadent birthday cake to celebrate his 25 years of life and breath.

Friendship, I have been told, can be conceptualized in concentric circles around a core.  The core is the self.  Within the first concentric circle are those friends who are immediately next to the self–those most often privy to the “true self.”  Then there is the next sphere of friends.  These are not as intimate, but do share special moments and a good bit of quality time.  And, then there is the outer group of friends who by distance, time or simple lack of commonalities are considered friends, but remain in the outer sphere.  Certainly none of the people in these concentric circles are fixed, and sometimes a person from the outer perimeter will dip into the core at a key moment.

Friends aren’t systematically assigned to these different circles.  More, they just are in one circle or another based on how they relate to us.  My hunch is that even if you haven’t conceptualized friendship in this way, you already know it to be true in your heart.  There are those who are closest to you, those who are pretty close, and those who are more than acquaintances, but not best friends.

Maybe this is too heady a thing for friendship–a very heart-y thing.  But, isn’t friendship is an endeavor of both the heart and the head?  And, I find the model useful for guilt-relief.  Sometimes I feel guilty because a particular friend and I aren’t “core” friends.  But, thinking of this model helps me to rest.  I remember that my innermost sphere doesn’t have space enough for everyone.  In fact, in an identical mathematical model, the space between the innermost concentric circle and the core has the smallest area.  In the same way that space in friendship has the smallest room for others.  Too many people too close will cause tension on the core.  (Not enough friends around the core causes tension, too.)

That’s my small thought for the day.

Mostly, I just wanted to encourage you to celebrate your friends–no matter which sphere the occupy.  And, David’s birthday cake is one such celebration.  On to the gooey details…

The recipe I used for the cake batter was called: “Deep, Dark Chocolate Cake.”  It is baked in two 9″ pans.  Each 9″ cake was then cut into two, so the cake can be built into layers.

I made an espresso syrup to brush onto each layer, which serves the dual purposes of moisture and flavor.  The syrup?  Oh yes!  Dark rum that has been infused with a leftover vanilla bean pod for the last 3 weeks.  Some fresh espresso and sugar make it sweet and flavorful.

What else?  Chocolate ganache.  Yes, that’s chocolate and heavy cream melted together, chilled, and whipped.  This went between the deep, dark layers.


And for the top, then.  Of course, chocolate buttercream!

And this, my friends, is how we celebrate life together.  Do be sure to make time to celebrate.


One Response to “Life Should be Celebrated”

  1. joshuawalters Says:

    not only do i love friends, but i love me some chocolate ganache! a neighbor of mine just made us some ganache to go on ice-cream. it was delicious.

    appreciate your insights on the dynamics of friendship. miss having you closer to my core these days. be well, friend.

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