Breakfast in the Dark

We had breakfast without power on Saturday morning.  A horrible storm tore through most of the Northeast, with hurricane-force winds causing enough damage to steal our electricity for a few days.  So, we improvised.

The challenge: cook our meals only on the grill–nothing from the fridge or freezer–and keep it interesting, yet simple.

The goal: a sweet-style crostini.

Preparations for Sunday breakfast began with slicing up ciabatta bread (from these people) picked up the day before at the farmer’s market in Phillippi, WV.  I sliced it diagonally and brushed coconut oil on it.  (No electricity meant no a/c, and because of summer heat the coconut oil was in liquid form instead of solid.)

That went on grill until toasty.  Flipped once.

Then I sprinkled it with just a little bit of course salt and cinnamon ‘n’ sugar, but…

… not just any cinnamon and sugar.

…Vietnamese cassia cinnamon (my favorite cinnamon!) and vanilla sugar (sugar which has been getting cozy with a used vanilla bean for a couple months now).

Super aromatic, and super tasty!

A fantastic, simple, grilled breakfast.


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