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Across the Country

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I took a break from blogging through the majority of the summer, mostly because I have been so busy.  After all, some of my summer was spent moving across the country.  In this post, I’ll share some photos from that trip.  Maybe I’ll share some stories later.

In August a friend accompanied me as I moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco.  We stopped along the way in Wheeling, West Virginia; Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Green Lake, Wisconsin; Columbia, Missouri; Englewood, Colorado; Canyonlands, Utah; Unita-Wasatch National Forest, Utah; and Lake Tahoe, California, before finally arriving in San Francisco.  We traveled this zig-zag route in order to attend a wedding, and to be hosted (for free!) by friends and friends-of-friends along the way.  In a later post, I will tell you about the blessing of the hospitality we received along the journey.  Until then, enjoy these photos.



Miltonvale, KS

Farms and Barns

Grain and Water Storage

Roadside Attractions

The Prairie Museum


The River



Mesa Arch

Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Salt Plains


Lake Tahoe

The Redwoods

San Francisco

If you ever get the chance, do it!  Drive cross-country.  If you’re into camping, be sure to plot some great spots along the way.  Utah was my favorite camping spot.  Also, be open to crashing on couches of friends-of-friends who you haven’t met (which were some of my favorite stays).  And, do stop for a few roadside attractions, farmer’s markets and local breweries.  Your trip will only be enhanced because of it!

Happy trails!


Suakoko Market

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The best way I know to become acquainted with a place is to take a stroll through the market.  During a recent trip to Liberia, I snapped a few photos of scenes which are uncommon treasures to me, while being just everyday life to Liberians.


 Above is the center road through the Suakoko market in Bong County, Liberia.

This woman was the friend of a friend. She and I bartered for about five minutes before I purchased a very fine lappa from her stand.

This young one was also selling lappas in an uncovered stand. I bartered with two of her older sisters to purchase more lappas.

This young boy walked around the market selling bags filled with different juices.