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Forsythia, the Prophet

Posted in Spirituality with tags , , on 30 March 2012 by handpeaced

There she stands, boldest amongst her peers–the forsythia. A large bush–bright yellow–with none to equal her. Leaves on trees are still twisted into tiny spirals, not yet flung into the world. Yellow, with no green backdrop to take away her intensity. Not even the leaves on her own branches sprung. Nothing to tone her down.

Small flecks of yellow might be elsewhere–the daffodil. Though bright in her own way, Daffodil seems so tame in the garden plot, while Forsythia blooms wild with her whimsical and reaching branches.

Her peers? Plenty of other trees and shrubs have also bloomed. Some stretch taller. Others bloom broader. They bloom in pale pinks, sitting like small bouquets of ballet slippers on branches, delicate and refined. Beautiful, yet timid.

The forysthia, bright and bold, is a prophet declaring what is to come. With fortitude in these early days of spring, she declares, “Days of sunshine and warmth are ahead. It will come to pass soon.” Wild and free, forsythia stands. Her proclamation of the coming spring and summer are delivered with more boldness and more veracity than any other has dared. Who would not believe this living example of that which is to come?

The forsythia is a prophet who in her own self both hopes for and is convinced of something new ahead.

I want to be bold like the forsythia. I want to, in the very way I be, declare to the world that something new is here and is coming.

A prayer:

Lord, make me like a spring forsythia, boldly declaring the news of what is to come, while even being a part of it presently. Like the forsythia whose blooms proclaim that spring is just arrived and summer is only a few dreams away, may I bloom. May I announce in my very being that your Kingdom has dawned—You do reign!—and, something more is yet ahead. Make me a prophet, like the forsythia. Give me foresight to see and fortitude to hope for that which is ahead. Give me boldness to stand out, even amongst my peers. Give me strength that I might not wither, even in a few frosty mornings, because I’ve dared to bloom in a world where summer has not yet arrived.